Let the people decide what happens next with Brexit


Don’t let Boris Johnson decide your children’s future

Boris Johnson is pandering to the right wing of the Conservative Party by blundering  towards a disastrous No Deal Brexit that bears no relation to what he promised during the 2016 Referendum.

Boris Johnson No Deal Brexit

Where’s the ‘cake and eat it’ trade deal he offered to protect your job…or the £350m a week extra for the NHS? Those pledges were ditched the moment the Leave campaign won the vote.

We can’t entrust our children’s future to a government determined to force through a Brexit that is a million miles away from what voters were promised.

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire People’s Vote

Nottingham campaigners on People's Vote March in London October, 2018.

We are all volunteers who give up our time to campaign for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal. We are not aligned to any political party, we just think it’s time to give power back to the people.

We believe voters should decide what happens next over Brexit, not Boris Johnson and not Nigel Farage. They have shown they can’t be trusted by abandoning all their extravagent promises from the Leave campaign.

We are out every week, all over Nottinghamshire in all weathers, putting the case for a People’s Vote at our stalls, marches and rallies.

We are not politicians, we are ordinary people from all walks of life who are appalled at how Brexit has worked out and how the promises of 2016 have been betrayed.

Time is short and we need our voices heard. Only the people can decide what’s best for themselves, their families and the country.

Act now before it’s too late

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Vote swapping: can you turbocharge your tactical vote?

When I vote in the general election, I’m hoping that my vote will have a double whammy impact. Not only will I be hoping that the pro-Brexit Conservative sitting-MP in my Sherwood constituency gets defeated but I will also be keeping an eye out for the same thing happening to his Conservative colleague down in North Devon. 

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The EU summary of the Withdrawal Agreement

The European Commission has issued this brief summary of the Withdrawal Agreement – the revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland and a revised Political Declaration on the framework of the future EU-UK relationship.

The revised Protocol provides a legally operative solution that avoids a hard border on the island of Ireland, protects the all-island economy and the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement in all its dimensions, and safeguards the integrity of the EU Single Market.

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People’s Vote rally to prevent Brexit destroying our NHS

Nottingham staged a Save our NHS rally on September 14 to highlight the danger that Brexit poses to our health service.

The rally, organised by the Nottingham People’s Vote campaign and the European Movement, featured doctors, nurses and other health care professionals as well as politicians from across the political spectrum.

They all came together at Speaker’s Corner by the Brian Clough statue to  appeal to the public to protect the NHS and help preserve it for the next generation.

These are the main speeches from the day.

Compere Narinder Sharma introduces Joan Pons Laplana, Nurse of the Year in 2018, and perhaps just as well known as the Roaring Nurse.

People’s Vote campaigner Shaun Thornton, of the Nottingham European Movement, introduces an historical perspective on the NHS  from Harry Leslie Smith, a fervent anti-Brexit campaigner.

Mike Edwards, Labour councillor for the Meadows area of Nottingham.

Nottingham People’s Vote campaigner, Dominic Byrne, who wasn’t involved in political campaigning until Brexit came along.

Sheila Marriott, Regional Director of the Royal College of Nurses, Board Member of the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership and member of the East Midlands Clinical Senate.

Sarah Meredith from Nottingham has children with special needs, who rely heavily on the NHS and doesn’t want to see it threatened by Brexit.

People’s Vote campaigner Chris Tregenza, who also has a light-hearted “Cake Not Coup” mini-campaign, explains what the NHS means to him and how it helped his mother who suffered from dementia.

Joan Pons Laplana again with his main speech outlining the dire threat posed to our National Health Service by Brexit. He reveals the effect it’s having on the wellbeing of healthcare professionals, especially those who are EU citizens, and of the psychological harm of trying to limit the damage being done by austerity policies, all worsened by Brexit.

Rory Palmer, Labour MEP for the East Midlands region and former Deputy Mayor of Leicester, speaks about the threat Brexit poses to our NHS and to medical research, and why he campaigns to keep Britain inside the European Union.

Barry Holliday, prospective parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats, a history teacher, shares his experiences, personal motivations and concerns as he campaigns against Brexit.

Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, speaks of the importance of opposing Brexit for the sake of our NHS; the importance of immigration and Freedom of Movement; how EU workers contribute to keeping our NHS on its feet; the crisis Britain is facing and the need for a People’s Vote to resolve it.

Jay Mandal, a GP working in the NHS, shares his expert knowledge on the harm Brexit is doing and how the Brexit we’re getting differs from the promises made.

Marko Dimač from Slovenia works in the public sector. He speaks of the harm Brexit is doing to staff in the NHS.

Joan Laplana sums up the main points of the rally with a final plea for people to come together to Save our NHS from Brexit.

This is a link to all the videos on youtube. Please feel free to share on social media.  Nottingham Save our NHS Rally.

Ending EU citizens’ freedom of movement will kill the NHS

Nobody voted to kill the NHS, yet with the prospect of leaving Europe without a deal and ending the freedom of movement for EU citizens the Government might as well start planning its funeral.

Home secretary Priti Patel’s determination for border restrictions to be imposed immediately on October 31 – stripping EU citizens of their rights to work and live in the UK – will have a huge impact on the 65,000 EU citizens who work for the NHS. People like me, who treat you and your loved ones, and help keep the health service afloat.

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Why the country needs a break from Brexit madness

We need a break from Brexit: opposition parties need to show they can stop the current madness and help the country move on

Standby for the deception election. An election where all sorts of myths and untruths will be peddled. Blame the EU. Blame Parliament. Blame your opponents. But we need responsible politicians who can appeal to those who are fed up with the whole thing and just want Brexit to go away so the country can move on.

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Proroguing parliament could backfire on Boris Johnson

Barrister Rose Slowe believes that unless there is a further Act of Parliament authorising Brexit in one form or another, we simply cannot leave the EU as a matter of law. These are some extracts from Slowe’s interview on Radio 5 on 28 August.

Interviewer Suzanne Courtney’s questions are in bold

Rose, what is your view about what the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has done (in proroguing parliament)?

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