Make Your Voice Heard On Brexit


Conservative Party leadership ballot paper

In the next 3 weeks, just 0.25% of the country will decide our futures and the future of this country by voting for the next Prime Minister.

It is not fair or democratic that just 0.25% of this country will have a say when this decision will affect our futures for the longest, and it would be a democratic outrage for the Prime Minister to impose a destructive Brexit on the people of Britain without us having a say first. The only fair and democratic solution is for the public to have a final say on this Brexit crisis.

That’s why we’ve created our own ballot paper to give you the opportunity to have your say as well.

Click through here to have your vote.

Brexitometers In Nottinghamshire

Every week the Nottingham People’s Vote campaign takes to the streets in the city centre and towns around Nottinghamshire.

Every week the people demand to be heard on Brexit.

We speak to many leavers who want a People’s Vote because they know the Government will deliver a deal which is bad for Britain.

Act Now

Time is short and we need our voices heard. Only the people of Nottingham can decide whether the Brexit deal is good for Nottinghamshire and the country.


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About the Nottingham & Nottinghamshire People’s Vote

Ordinary people, concerned about where Brexit is going, are giving their time to campaign for a People’s Vote.

We are part of the national People’s Vote campaign.

Our Goals:

  • Raise awareness of the People’s Vote through Brexitometers
  • Lobby MPs so they know that the people of Nottinghamshire want the final say on Brexit.