Brexitomer Gallery

Brexitometers In Nottinghamshire

Every week the Nottingham People’s Vote campaign takes to the streets in the city centre and towns around Nottinghamshire.

Every week the people demand to be heard on Brexit.

We speak to many leavers who want a People’s Vote because they know the Government will deliver a deal which is bad for Britain.

Market Square, Nottingham. 27th October 2018

Mansfield. 27th October 2018

Market Square, Nottingham. 26th October 2018

Arnold, 13th October 2018

Mansfield. 6th October 2018

Market Square, Nottingham. 29th September 2018


Market Square, Nottingham. 22th September 2018


Beeston, 15th September 2018


Market Square, Nottingham. 8th September 2018