The Nottingham People’s Vote campaign has generated widespread coverage in the media across the city, the county and the rest of the country.

The media interest reflects the growing support among voters that Brexit has turned out to be nothing like what was promised and it’s time the people took back control and had their say about what should happen next.

These are just a few of the articles the campaign has generated since in began in August, 2018.

Nottingham People’s Vote campaigners join march on European Parliament

Nottingham campaigners joined colleagues from Yorkshire and across the country to march on the European Parliament this week to show their support for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal. West Bridgford Wire, July 12 2019

Bicycles and Brexit: The people and issues behind alternative political groups in Nottingham

With a city council that has been run by Labour for more than 20 years, and for the majority of the time with a grip of red iron, you might not expect Nottingham to be home to a thriving and unpredictable political melting pot.

But it’s an area awash with campaigns, pressure groups and political parties that fall outside the mainstream. Notts TV, June 6, 2019

West Bridgford People’s Vote campaigners to stage National Day of Action in Nottingham

West Bridgford campaigners for a People’s Vote on Brexit will be targeting Nottingham this Saturday, 18th May, as part of their National Day of Action.

They will be holding street stalls, leafleting door-to-door and chatting to voters to encourage them to back parties that want a People’s Vote, in the European Parliamentary elections on May 23rd. West Bridgford Wire, May 16, 2019

Remainer Nottinghamshire residents gearing up for People’s Vote march

Coach loads of campaigners from Nottingham are travelling to London on Saturday (March 23) to join the People’s Vote March – protesting for a second referendum on Brexit. Mansfield Chad March 21, 2019

Opportunities to have your voice heard on Brexit this weekend

Whether you are leave or remain, in or out, hard Brexit, soft Brexit or do not care about Brexit, there are opportunities for you to get your voice heard this weekend.

Britain’s exit from the European Union has been one of the most contentious issues in modern British political history, and people on both sides of the debate want to get their dissatisfaction heard.  Mansfield Chad March 20, 2019

People’s Vote bus pulls into Nottingham

The campaign battle bus for a people’s vote on Brexit came to Nottingham’s universities today. There are only 35 days remaining until Britain leaves the EU.

The battle bus is touring universities across the UK, encouraging students to join the campaign for a second Brexit referendum. CBJ Spotlight February 22, 2019

Nottingham voters in Old Market Square urged to ask MPs to back People’s Vote on Brexit

Campaigners were out in force in Nottingham’s Old Market Square urging people to ask their MPs for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

Voters were being invited to sign postcards to be sent to their MPs as part of a national day of action taking place across the country. Nottingham Evening Post January 26, 2019

Almost 40 Notts business owners call for ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit

A Mansfield-based entrepreneur is one of nearly 40 small business owners in Nottinghamshire who has written to their MP calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit.

Helen Dickson, owner of Brides and Mothers Designer Wedding at Ransom Wood, Mansfield, opened her first bridal boutique store in Southwell in 2009 before moving to Nottingham’s Lace Market in 2014. Mansfield Chad, February 28, 2019

People’s Vote campaigners rally at Nottingham’s Old Market Square as part of National Day of Action

People’s Vote campaigners rallied at Nottingham’s Old Market Square this afternoon (Saturday, December 8) as part of a National Day of Action.

Grassroot activists were outside the council house from noon-3pm inviting passer-bys to write postcards to MPs urging them to let the public have a final say on Teresa May’s Brexit deal. Nottingham Evening Post December 8, 2018

Nottinghamshire Remainer says ‘MPs cannot afford to ignore’ People’s Vote march

Nottingham Remainers who marched this Saturday for a public vote on the Brexit deal have said MPs “cannot afford to ignore” them.

Susan Martin, 59, is the founder of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire People’s Vote group and joined the buoyant London protest. Nottingham Evening Post October 21, 2018

Campaigners from Gedling borough to join London march calling for People’s Vote

Campaigners from Gedling borough will be joining a nationwide march in London this weekend calling for a people’s vote on any Brexit deal. People from the borough will be heading into Nottingham and boarding coaches early on Saturday morning to travel to London, to join thousands of others from all over the UK in what promises to be the biggest Brexit protest yet.
Gedling Eye, October 18, 2018

“You’re not doing it in my name”: Nottingham Remainers head to London People’s Vote march

Nottingham Remainers will march on London this Saturday to demand a People’s Vote on Brexit.

The Nottingham People’s Vote group is sending two coaches to the capital and will join protesters from across the country at Park Lane at 12pm, before heading towards Parliament Square for speeches from politicians, organisers and celebrity campaigners. CBJ Star, October 18, 2018

New Nottingham People’s Vote group calls for public vote on final Brexit deal

Campaigners have launched a Nottingham and Nottinghamshire branch of the People’s Vote campaign – calling for a public vote on the proposals for the final Brexit deal. August 8 2018 West Bridgford Wire

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