Riders from Sheffield for Europe will get on their bikes on Sunday, October 13th and set off for Brussels to deliver a love letter to the EU.

The letter will be in the form of a musical video with the message that we want to remain in the EU.

The music is a Sheffield inspired reworking of Ode to Joy by Michael Ward against a montage of video clips and pictures from around the country.

The bikers will arrive in Brussels around 5pm on Tuesday to meet MEPs and EU officials and to film a supportive message from Brussels to take back to the People’s Vote march on Saturday 19th. After leaving Brussels the group will bike via Tielt to catch the ferry to Dover on Friday 18th, and ride to join the march on Saturday morning.

The group will also find themselves in Brussels as the 27 member states start to  gather for the all important Council meeting on October 17th and 18th.

One of the organisers and riders, Joanne Chapman, seen above with fellow biker Jane Thomas, said: “Anyone can join the ride at any stage and we would especially welcome and encourage people to join on the first stage – an easy and enjoyable ride from Sheffield to Rotheham along the Don, followed by a ride along quiet roads to Doncaster.

“We would be really grateful if you can push this out through your networks and help support us https://www.gofundme.com/f/brussels-or-bust

“The ride starts at 12 noon on Sunday 13th from Sheffield Train station.”

Joanne Chapman and Nottingham People's Vote campaigner Dominic Byrne
Joanne Chapman and Nottingham People’s Vote campaigner Dominic Byrne

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