The NHS is facing its biggest threat in its 70-year history because of Brexit. Join the fight to save it on Saturday 14th September 2019, from 12 noon – 2pm, in Nottingham Market Square. 

Nottingham People’s Vote and the Nottingham European Movement are demanding that the NHS must be protected and must not become part of a shabby trade deal between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

Time is short and the crisis is getting worse by the day.

  • Our health service is already critically understaffed with 40,000 nursing vacancies, plus key shortages in all other areas. This adds to hospital waiting lists and reduces the quality of care you’ll receive when you’re ill. The NHS relies on EU staff but many now feel unwelcome and are going home, making the crisis even worse.
  • A No Deal Brexit would disrupt the supply of cancer treatments and other medicines from Europe putting the lives of patients at risk. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has admitted that the government cannot guarantee there’ll be no loss of life caused by a No Deal Brexit.
  • Donald Trump is insisting the NHS should be part of any trade deal between the UK and the US. This will enable American companies to make a fortune out of your health care and it will be you footing the bill. Instead of the NHS being free as it is now, we’re likely to move to a costly insurance-based system as favoured by both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.
  • Britain has always been a world leader in medical research but now Brexit threatens that with EU funding being withdrawn. The UK won’t be able to make up the shortfall because every penny we have is being ploughed into dealing with Brexit. The cost has already run into billions of pounds.

The NHS has protected us all our lives…now it’s time for us to protect the NHS.

Our Save our NHS campaign will be heading for Market Square in Nottingham on 14th September 2019, from 12 noon to 2pm.  

Nottingham Save Our NHS Day September 14

Doctors, nurses, medical staff and patients will be joining us to show their support for the NHS and to demand a People’s Vote to safeguard it.

Speakers on the day include:

  • Sheila Marriott, Regional Director of the Royal College of Nursing.
  • The Roaring Nurse, Joan Pons Laplana, Nurse of the Year in 2018 and a passionate believer in the NHS.
  • Narinder Sharma, a former NHS board member and experienced former CEO of rare disease and geriatric charities. Currently CEO of a Carer Charity. 
  • Jay Mandal, NHS GP. 
  • Rory Palmer, East Midlands Labour MEP.
  • Several NHS front line professionals who are not prepared to see their high standards destroyed by Brexit.
  • Patients talking about the impact of Brexit on their medications and treatment.
  • More speakers to be announced in the coming week.

We were born into the NHS, so were our children and grandchildren. It’s one of Britain’s greatest achievements. Don’t let Brexit take it away from us.

3 thoughts on “Save our NHS. Don’t let Brexit destroy it

  1. I am a child of the NHS, over half a century ago they saved me and my mums life after 3 days of labour almost killed us.
    She was also a NHS nurse, our NHS deserves far better it is the jewel in our crown lets fight for it not give is away.

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