Countdown to October – get ready for the deception election

The contradictions and illogicality of Brexit are coming home to roost. Johnson is stuck between a rock and a hard place. His party is split. Parliament is set to render ‘no deal’ unlawful. The EU won’t yield on the backstop. It is necessary not just for Irish peace but for the integrity of the single market. And even if he felt he could go to the EU Summit and fudge a deal, Johnson faces the same parliamentary arithmetic problem that May faced. 

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From Summer of Love 1968 to Summer of Hate 2019

The summer of 1968 was known as the ‘summer of love’, long-haired hippies with flowers in their hair. Fifty years later the summer of 2019 could be known as the ‘summer of hate’; never has the country been so divided, never has mutual hatred been so extreme. Indeed if we were living in the 17th century, the last time England had a civil war, we would be reaching for our halberds and those chain things with spiky balls on the end.

How did Britain get to this dreadful state of affairs? What happened?

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Is proroguing Parliament the beginning of the end for Brexit?

Anger and desperation have characterised the reaction to Johnson proroguing Parliament. And it has come not just from those of us who want the UK to remain in the EU but from many others who are outraged by Johnson’s assault on representative democracy. But should pro-Europeans really despair?  Or are we at a turning point in a Brexit journey that is running out of road?

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We must all work together to prevent catastrophic No Deal

As Boris Johnson tries to bypass parliament to force through a No Deal Brexit, Lilian Greenwood urges MPs of all parties to work together for the good of the country to give voters the final say on the Brexit deal.

On Tuesday MPs from Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP, Plaid, the Greens and Change UK came together at Church House, pledging to work together to ensure the people’s voice is heard, but just 24 hours later Boris Johnson was threatening to prorogue Parliament for 4 weeks to limit the opportunities to stop no deal. There will be further twists and turns in the days and weeks ahead but the fundamentals remain the same.

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A love letter to Europe

By Monty, a British student. 

My South African grandmother once told me “I don’t envy your choices”. A statement rarely considered nowadays, as my 21-year-old-self taps on her laptop in the centre of London, one tab open on with the flight destination set to ‘anywhere’, one tab open on cheap Eurostar tickets, and one tab open on BBC news (no prizes for guessing the headline there).

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