Let the people decide what happens next with Brexit


Don’t let Boris Johnson decide your children’s future

Boris Johnson is pandering to the right wing of the Conservative Party by blundering  towards a disastrous No Deal Brexit that bears no relation to what he promised during the 2016 Referendum.

Boris Johnson No Deal Brexit

Where’s the ‘cake and eat it’ trade deal he offered to protect your job…or the £350m a week extra for the NHS? Those pledges were ditched the moment the Leave campaign won the vote.

We can’t entrust our children’s future to a government determined to force through a Brexit that is a million miles away from what voters were promised.

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire People’s Vote

Nottingham campaigners on People's Vote March in London October, 2018.

We are all volunteers who give up our time to campaign for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal. We are not aligned to any political party, we just think it’s time to give power back to the people.

We believe voters should decide what happens next over Brexit, not Boris Johnson and not Nigel Farage. They have shown they can’t be trusted by abandoning all their extravagent promises from the Leave campaign.

We are out every week, all over Nottinghamshire in all weathers, putting the case for a People’s Vote at our stalls, marches and rallies.

We are not politicians, we are ordinary people from all walks of life who are appalled at how Brexit has worked out and how the promises of 2016 have been betrayed.

Time is short and we need our voices heard. Only the people can decide what’s best for themselves, their families and the country.

Act now before it’s too late

Come to our stalls for a chat and to find out more. Follow us on social media and contact us to get involved in our campaign.

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